Oliviero Toscani

Were You a Jamaican?

Oliviero Toscani: So, here we are, tell me about yourself.

Oliviero Toscani


Repetition is a subversive tool, a forum for questioning or even dissolving the authority of an individual or their particular performance as well as of patterns or structures. Narcissus eschews Echo because he thinks that she makes fun of him when repeating his words.

Joana Konova

Scampia and the Multivan

I needed to stay calm. It wouldn’t help to be mad at the concierge and I needed to find a good reason in order not be killed.
The Americans will kill me, Vitali will kill me and even the body shop will kill me in order to be paid.

Carola Clavarino

Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 2

“It was impossible to do with digital what I could have got with film, and now I can do things with digital that I will never be able to do with film.”

Christian House

Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 1

Taking pictures in Italian discotheques could be problematic during the rave days of the 1990s. “It was the time when you were still allowed to smoke”, explains Italian photographer Massimo Vitali. Difficult in visual terms, I suggest. “In terms of stink,”, he replies. “You even had to wash the camera cases”.

Christian House

One Another

Space is “a tridimensional extension without any limits in which objects and events have directions and relative positions to one another”.

Giovanna Calvenzi


Some more shots from my photo archive that I had almost forgotten.

Massimo Vitali

Cars are Sculptures

"Cars are sculptures that should be seen, be touched, and be driven"
My shots of Nicola Bulgari cars collection for Architectural Digest in the Tuscan countryside.

Mitchell Owens

Archive: Failed Shots

Some shots from my photo archive. I'm still learning from my mistakes.

Massimo Vitali

Travel Journal: Madeira & Azores

About my ongoing trip to Madeira and Azores Islands. Snapshots from a work trip.

Massimo Vitali