Massimo Vitali

A Music Festival, Again…

Kappa Futur Festival, Turin, 2018. I said I would never shoot a music festival again. And then...

Massimo Vitali

Cell Phones: Before & After

AC and BC or Before and After Cell Phones.

Massimo Vitali

Jeff Wall Drives Me Crazy

Email chain about Jeff Wall. 4x5 or 8x10? This is the question.

Massimo Vitali

Photo Archive

For the past two years, I have been working with my studio assistants on my archive. Lots of them have never been shown to the public nor printed in order to be sold. I find myself discovering moments that I'd forgotten and shoots that I like.

Massimo Vitali

Civilization: The Way We Live Now

"Civilization. The Way We Live Now" is an exhibition curated by William Ewing, Bartomeu Marí and Holly Roussell Perret-Gentil that will open on October 2018 at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. I will be featured in the exhibition with some of my works and I am happy to share with you the concept of it.

William Ewing, Bartomeu Marí and Holly Roussell Perret-Gentil

Just a Mistake?

I discovered last week that some of my photographs are on sale on Artsper through the Galerie Nicolas Hugo. It happens, the secondary market is very large and it is not easy to monitor all my works around the world. But here, there is something strange...

Massimo Vitali

Special Fellows

Vitali’s panoramic views show people who interact in their own environment and expose their relationships, their networks and also some non-stories; there are moments in which even if it seems that nothing is happening, the eye of the photographer always catches something.

Federica Cerami

Shoot at Valdichiana Outlet Village – Backstage Chronicle

A short tale of the shoot at Valdichiana Outlet Village for the Festival Cortona On the Move.

Massimo Vitali

A Vitali in my Kitchen

Why should it feel bizarre to see Massimo’s work in a domestic context?


Same Beach, Same Sea

There’s nothing more boring than a “perfect” tropical beach and even now I try to stay away from them.

Massimo Vitali