In 1995 prints began to be printed in editions of 9+2 APs (Artist Proofs), generally in a 150×180 cm (59×71″) format, under plexi, printed and mounted by Colorzenith, Milan, Italy. There was an exception with 2 unmounted single and 2 unmounted diptychs in a format of 50×60 cm (20×23″).

Most of these pictures have weathered very well but due to faulty materials used over a couple of months a small number of these pictures have come unstuck or the colour has deteriorated. We encourage owners of the older batch to have them reprinted (See Guarantee section).

The later pictures have been printed mainly in a 220×180 cm (87×71″) format, and editions numbers have been reduced to 6 + 2 APs, printed by Colorzenith, Milan and mounted by Grieger, Duesseldorf/Leunter, Vienna. These photos are printed and mounted using very high quality materials and should enjoy a very long lifetime.

Ardnt & Partner produced an edition of 35+5 APs in a 90×110 cm (35×43″) format, under plexi, of Lernpark 2, that was later sold by Gallery Hilger, Vienna. Another 4 prints (Bari 4, Marina di Carrara – Torre Fiat, Papeete Beach 2 and Animaletti 1) were also eventually printed in this small size, in editions of 35+5 APs. Just recently Galeria Senda produced another multiple in the same smaller format, titled Castels. In 2010, Hilger Gallery printed another, Golfo di Cofano, Blue Boat.

Furthermore, an edition of 120 + 20 APs was produced of a Portfolio book of 52 70×90 cm (28×35″) typographic prints, each sheet stamped with the Portfolio edition number and the page number. The front page is signed by Massimo Vitali. This is edited by Steidl – Goettingen with Brancolini Grimaldi – Rome/Florence. The portfolio went on sale in 2006 and is now completely sold out.  Although it is possible to acquire single prints from the portfolio in the secondary market, we strongly dissuade collectors from purchasing single prints outside of the context and authenticity of the complete portfolio.

In 2009, a small format (like an 8×10 contact print – 20x25cm) of Marina di Pietrasanta was printed in an edition of 35 + 5 AP, mainly intended for charity auctions and other similar requests. In 2010 for the publication of Massimo’s newest book, Natural Habitats, the Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery printed a special edition of 3 prints (all dating from 2010) in this same format, each in an edition of 100 and sold together with the book.

By using this guide anybody interested in buying a secondary market photo by Massimo Vitali should be able to understand if the photo is real or a forgery. Please contact us or any of Massimo Vitali’s galleries in case of any doubt.

Sales are ONLY made through our galleries with no exception.