Analog? Digital? For a while now, I’ve been wondering about their differences. Last week I was talking about it with my friend Domingo Milella. He told me that it is not only a matter of image quality, texture, and detail, rather it is also about the act of taking a picture, it is about the way you see the world, the framing of your sight, the performance of the act of photographing.

A large format camera shows you the world upside down, left to right, so there is not a real reference to what you see in reality. And yet, this non-objective way makes the process slower and gives you the time to think. When you use the digital “camera back” everything can be much quicker and eventually you find yourself taking an unbearable number of pictures, even if you try not to. Then, at home I will choose. So the process doesn’t really end there, but continues in a second lengthy session in front of the computer.



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