An industry of pleasure has risen up in the past century, offering a spectacular array of “products” to its avid consumers, whether risk-averse of thrill seeking, catering for the sexes, all age groups, and tastes of all kinds. For many, it’s a dance floor...

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William A. Ewing & Holly Roussell

The Wrecking of Tourist Cities and Their Rescue by Citizens

Is it not proof that our tourists are being treated more and more like a filler population of empty cities which lack vitality?

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Itzíar González Virós

Collective Rituals

Photography is thus used to understand broad ranging group phenomena, in the attempt to build up a coherent narrative that can analyze and explain contemporary crunch points.

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Denis Curti


The title alludes to the possibility that the photograph is more than a mere beach scene of summer holiday-makers, but instead questions human intent and judgement.

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Paul Lowe

In Search of the Giants of the Sea

Portugal claimed these islands in the fifteenth century; Columbus called here to hear Mass on his way home from America.

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Philip Hoare


Repetition is a subversive tool, a forum for questioning or even dissolving the authority of an individual or their particular performance as well as of patterns or structures. Narcissus eschews Echo because he thinks that she makes fun of him when repeating his words.

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Joana Konova

One Another

Space is “a tridimensional extension without any limits in which objects and events have directions and relative positions to one another”.

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Giovanna Calvenzi

Civilization: The Way We Live Now

"Civilization. The Way We Live Now" is an exhibition curated by William Ewing, Bartomeu Marí and Holly Roussell Perret-Gentil that will open on October 2018 at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. I will be featured in the exhibition with some of my works and I am happy to share with you the concept of it.

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William Ewing, Bartomeu Marí and Holly Roussell Perret-Gentil

Free time

The invention of free time is relatively recent. It affects the affluent and changing society, and its relations with consumption. Leisure is illusory and instead the economic and social forces take over individual free time and sell it to each of us like they were goods.

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Landscape Stories

Society: signs and rules

The French people are more controlled, I’m not saying that it’s not good, but it is a difference that I find between the beaches in Italy and France. In Italy it’s a bit more “without rules”.

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Sophie Biass-Fabiani & Massimo Vitali