The blog project began in 2016. It is an intertwining of serious and formal texts taken from catalogues and magazines, informal posts with backstage chronicles and casual conversations, winter periods in which we reflect on the past and the future, busy summer times with new productions and commissions.

The Photographs of Massimo Vitali, Pt. 2

David Plante

The Photographs of Massimo Vitali, Pt. 1

David Plante

On Photography

Massimo Vitali

At the Waterfall

Friedrich W. Nietzsche

Human Constellations

Andrea Busto

Cinquale B&W

Massimo Vitali

Happy New Year!

Massimo Vitali

The Subtlety Of The Daytime

Massimo Vitali

Not Your Average Disco Kid

Glenn Waldron

That’s The Way We’re Made

Rodrigo Orrantia