Crowded Planet

Human mobility and interconnectivity have meant that more people, countries and economies are interdependent than ever before. For the first time, there is a real prospect that the human species stands to comprehensively annihilate itself, not through an act of war, but through man-made climate change and over consumption...

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Sasha Grishin

Beach Insta(nt)

Torsos angled just so to the camera, yachts docked in the distance, an exotic geotag...

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Michael Beckert and Fan Zhong


The solitude and total freedom of a wild land created the ideal location for both melancholy and exaltation.

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Area Magazine

The Instant When

Yet rather than representing different instants, successively, they are merely suggested and embellished by the spectator’s imagination. In fact, the spectator is almost beckoned into the picture itself.

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Not Important at All

The later you go into the day, the less tension you have between the people.

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Alex Kahl


The camera does’t point at the exception, but at the daily life, not at the historical event or at the news that can be told in a single image, but at the continuity of many gestures and little life episodes...

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Dino Messina

I want to see what people are up to

Marketing must serve a purpose. It helped me to use the beach pictures to sell other pictures, other ideas of mine. I’m currently working on a project about the indigenous populations in Central and South America.

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Enrico Ratto

From Baghdad to Pietrasanta

When I finished school, I bought a train ticket to Baghdad to take photos there. I arrived in Afghanistan and...

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Ottavia Zanetta

Ice Extravaganza

In 2014 I travelled to northeast China to photograph the vast collection of elaborately carved ice structures that make up the Harbin Ice Festival.

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Little Black Book

Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 2

“It was impossible to do with digital what I could have got with film, and now I can do things with digital that I will never be able to do with film.”

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Christian House