Rebirthing in the River

"You know what I did here which was amazing? For a while I studied and practiced the rebirthing process with a wonderful woman. It’s a type of self-hypnosis in which you return to the moment of your birth through breathing. It’s usually done in water, and our teacher brought us here to the river. I can't begin to tell you what an incredible experience it was. Then when you come out of the water it's really emotional, some people cry, some... And we did it with the regular river-goers enjoying a day by the river, totally at ease. It was so natural. It was as if, arriving in this place, we were transformed."
– Maria Grazia

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Alessandro Baratti

Massimo Vitali in Conversation

Students from the Lawrence Academy Groton visited Massimo Vitali's studio on March 10, 2017.
He talked about photography, life and successful ideas.

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The Right Place to Shoot

Synopsis of the video: During the height of summer, Massimo Vitali observes crowds on holiday on the majestic Great Dune of Pyla on the Atlantic Ocean, on Italian beaches and on the banks of rivers. These long days of observation result in large-scale photographs in his distinctive, unmistakable style. In this film, Vitali allows to be observed up close while working. He also allows his story to be told through themes which are dear to him...

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Giampiero D'Angeli