Massimo Vitali’s Photographs at Ronchini Gallery

When I finished school, I bought a train ticket to Baghdad to take photos there. I arrived in Afghanistan, I was arrested by the police. When they released me I carried on with my trip by bus. At that time I had a specific idea about the reportage, but I changed it.

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Ottavia Zanetta

Beached: Massimo Vitali’s Imposing Sandscapes

When somebody asks me where a picture was taken, for me it’s just a disaster. It’s defeat. Because the pictures are not about the place.

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David Paw

Massimo Vitali: Life’s a Beach

The difference between my picture and somebody else’s pictures is in their making. It is documentary photography, but it is also art and my real artistic contribution is the performative act of making the picture.

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George Upton

Natural Habitats

In the human communities photographed by Massimo Vitali there are specific kinds of modern (even definably Mediterranean or American) social habits to be observed in some of their characteristic configurations.

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Whitney Davis