I Hate Shadows

I started to print the beaches lighter because I didn’t like the shadows: with film photography, the shadows are dark and ugly.

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Massimo Vitali & Silvia Camporesi

The Instant When

Yet rather than representing different instants, successively, they are merely suggested and embellished by the spectator’s imagination. In fact, the spectator is almost beckoned into the picture itself.

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Why Marseille?

Marseille isn’t a city for tourists. There’s nothing to see. Its beauty cannot be photographed.

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Mirta D'Argenzio & Massimo Vitali

Not Important at All

The later you go into the day, the less tension you have between the people.

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Alex Kahl

My Little History of Photography

I have a folder in my computer named “History of Photography”...

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Massimo Vitali


The camera does’t point at the exception, but at the daily life, not at the historical event or at the news that can be told in a single image, but at the continuity of many gestures and little life episodes...

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Dino Messina

Collective Rituals

Photography is thus used to understand broad ranging group phenomena, in the attempt to build up a coherent narrative that can analyze and explain contemporary crunch points.

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Denis Curti


The title alludes to the possibility that the photograph is more than a mere beach scene of summer holiday-makers, but instead questions human intent and judgement.

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Paul Lowe

Printing Trip to Düsseldorf

I usually print at Colorzenith, Milan, but as their machine is out of order I had to go back to Grieger in Düsseldorf. This is a backstage chronicle of my trip there with my colorist Andrea Dalle Luche.

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Massimo Vitali

In Search of the Giants of the Sea

Portugal claimed these islands in the fifteenth century; Columbus called here to hear Mass on his way home from America.

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Philip Hoare