I want to see what people are up to

Marketing must serve a purpose. It helped me to use the beach pictures to sell other pictures, other ideas of mine. I’m currently working on a project about the indigenous populations in Central and South America.

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Enrico Ratto

From Baghdad to Pietrasanta

When I finished school, I bought a train ticket to Baghdad to take photos there. I arrived in Afghanistan and...

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Ottavia Zanetta

Ice Extravaganza

In 2014 I travelled to northeast China to photograph the vast collection of elaborately carved ice structures that make up the Harbin Ice Festival.

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Little Black Book

Sunset on the Screens

I was getting near the end of my stay in Japan, and I hadn’t taken any pictures.
The Roppongi Hills Tower looked like the perfect easy place to shoot on and from.

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Massimo Vitali

Dreaming Cefalù

Some weeks ago I received an email from a young Chinese artist. I was impressed by the way my work touched him and by his imagination.

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LV Zhe

Were You a Jamaican? Pt. 2

I started taking pictures from a tripod using a large format camera, an 8 x 10 Deardorff. But it was a disaster… the photos were always out of focus. And so I began to plan and imagine them…

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Oliviero Toscani

Were You a Jamaican? Pt. 1

Oliviero Toscani: So, here we are, tell me about yourself.

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Oliviero Toscani


Repetition is a subversive tool, a forum for questioning or even dissolving the authority of an individual or their particular performance as well as of patterns or structures. Narcissus eschews Echo because he thinks that she makes fun of him when repeating his words.

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Joana Konova

Scampia and the Multivan

I needed to stay calm. It wouldn’t help to be mad at the concierge and I needed to find a good reason in order not be killed.
The Americans will kill me, Vitali will kill me and even the body shop will kill me in order to be paid.

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Carola Clavarino

Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 2

“It was impossible to do with digital what I could have got with film, and now I can do things with digital that I will never be able to do with film.”

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Christian House