Whitney Davis

Something Animal

Despite the large number of people in many of the scenes and regardless to the photographer’s visibility to them in their own field of view, only a handful of people ever seem to be looking at him (that is, at us).

Whitney Davis

Selection, Pt. 4

All street photography has always focused on searching for something significant in ordinary situations. Instead I don’t look for anything significant but I do invent great stories. Irrelevant.

Mirta d'Argenzio & Massimo Vitali

Dancefloor Panorama

Each photographed tribe has its own look, references and music, but they also share common hopes, or utopias; a desire for community, for a generational unity, for a transcendency through sound and dance.

Jean-Yves Leloup

Selection, Pt. 3

When film disappeared – and today it has no reason for being – and with a certain quality having been obtained in digital photography, I went ahead with digital photography.

Mirta d'Argenzio & Massimo Vitali

Non Existence Stories

In conversation with Luke Blackall from London Live, at the occasion of the opening of my show "Short Stories" at Mazzoleni Gallery in London.

London Live

Selection, Pt. 2

In 1997 I had already started to make the beaches series and in the winter I thought that the discotheques might be a winter substitute for the beaches.

Mirta d'Argenzio & Massimo Vitali

Villa Noailles Backstage

The backstage of a special commission at Villa Noailles, located in the hills above Hyères, in the Var, southeastern France, during the Festival international de mode et photographie.



In selecting the sequence, I tried to put together photos that were fairly different to one another. Photos of beaches, others not of beaches. Light and not light photos. Pastel photos and others with more decisive colours. Photos with dominants greens. Photos with saturated reds. Photos with large white spaces. All different photos. They are in part chronological. Without a true order.

Mirta d'Argenzio & Massimo Vitali


An industry of pleasure has risen up in the past century, offering a spectacular array of “products” to its avid consumers, whether risk-averse of thrill seeking, catering for the sexes, all age groups, and tastes of all kinds. For many, it’s a dance floor...

William A. Ewing & Holly Roussell

Short Stories

Mazzoleni is pleased to announce the exhibition Massimo Vitali: Short Stories which will open to the public on the 12 April and continue until the 24 May 2019. This will be the first time that Mazzoleni will present a solo fine art photography exhibition at their London gallery. Short Stories will display images collected in a new book of the same name, produced by Steidl Verlag publishing.

Mazzoleni Gallery