Although this is your first visit to Japan, have you been interested in Japan for a long time?
I have a special memory about Japan as my mother lived in Japan after the war. She married a man working at a refugee camp and lived in Fukuoka where there were many Korean refugees. When I was 6 or 7 years old, I remember my mother sending me rice crackled with seaweed in a big can. You never saw such things in Italy then, and I felt the smell was special. Recently I saw exactly the same thing, but I remembered it from my childhood. I would like to experience how nostalgia and Japan, mixed with tradition and high-tech museums that I had imagined, will be in reality on this trip.

Drinking water near Gorakadan Onsen, Hakone.
In my private garden, Gorakadan Onsen, Hakone.

Do you have a schedule for shooting in Japan?
Yes. This time I decided to stay for two weeks in order to know Japan well. I will bring my family. I think that I want to shoot when I am there because it is a unique opportunity. A Japanese friend living in Milan will show me some good spots. Recently I took a picture at one of the hot springs in Iceland and I also would like to shoot a hot springs in Japan: it is not an ordinary hot spring but a hot spring with only monkeys. There is some doubt as to whether monkeys look like human beings, so by shooting there it may be a perfect chance to explore this evolution (laughs).

Starlight Garden, Tokyo.
Starlight Garden, Tokyo.
Kyoko Kasuya, Interview with Massimo Vitali in IMA, July 11, 2018.Pictures from my trip in Japan.