Backstage Chronicle

Printing Trip to Düsseldorf

I usually print at Colorzenith, Milan, but as their machine is out of order I had to go back to Grieger in Düsseldorf. This is a backstage chronicle of my trip there with my colorist Andrea Dalle Luche.

Massimo Vitali

Travel Journal: Madeira & Azores

About my ongoing trip to Madeira and Azores Islands. Snapshots from a work trip.

Massimo Vitali

Big in Japan

I have a special memory about Japan as my mother lived in Japan after the war. When I was 6 or 7 years old, I remember my mother sending me rice crackled with seaweed in a big can.

Massimo Vitali & Kyoko Kasuya

A Music Festival, Again…

Kappa Futur Festival, Turin, 2018. I said I would never shoot a music festival again. And then...

Massimo Vitali

Shoot at Valdichiana Outlet Village – Backstage Chronicle

A short tale of the shoot at Valdichiana Outlet Village for the Festival Cortona On the Move.

Massimo Vitali

Equipment: Gibellini & ALPA

While it is true that the majority of the photographs I take these days are digital, two years ago I had a large format film camera made by Alessandro Gibellini of Gibellini Project, just in case I feel the need to shoot film again.


Equipment: Deardorff Camera

This is the first in a series of posts about my old and new equipment: cameras, lenses, light meters, platforms... Some of them are not currently in use, but I don’t want to sell them because they have sentimental value. All the equipment finds its place in my studio, in the so-called "gabbia", the "cage" where the negatives are kept sometime together with rogue assistants.


Printing Day – Backstage Chronicle

A day printing at Colorzenith in Milan with my studio assistants. Chronicle from the ordinary life of a photographer.


A Day All Together

"I’m an educator focusing on social projects. I work with immigrants requesting political asylum and we came with them to enjoy a day together."
– Alessio Trillini

Alessandro Baratti

Rebirthing in the River

"You know what I did here which was amazing? For a while I studied and practiced the rebirthing process with a wonderful woman. It’s a type of self-hypnosis in which you return to the moment of your birth through breathing. It’s usually done in water, and our teacher brought us here to the river. I can't begin to tell you what an incredible experience it was. Then when you come out of the water it's really emotional, some people cry, some... And we did it with the regular river-goers enjoying a day by the river, totally at ease. It was so natural. It was as if, arriving in this place, we were transformed."
– Maria Grazia

Alessandro Baratti