Backstage Chronicle

Shooting Days – Marble Quarries

Days of shooting in the marble quarries up on the Apuane Alps for Wallpaper* Magazine.


Printing Trip to Düsseldorf

I usually print at Colorzenith, Milan, but as their machine is out of order I had to go back to Grieger in Düsseldorf. This is a backstage chronicle of my trip there with my colorist Andrea Dalle Luche.

Massimo Vitali

Travel Journal: Madeira & Azores

About my ongoing trip to Madeira and Azores Islands. Snapshots from a work trip.

Massimo Vitali

Big in Japan

I have a special memory about Japan as my mother lived in Japan after the war. When I was 6 or 7 years old, I remember my mother sending me rice crackled with seaweed in a big can.

Massimo Vitali & Kyoko Kasuya

A Music Festival, Again…

Kappa Futur Festival, Turin, 2018. I said I would never shoot a music festival again. And then...

Massimo Vitali

Shoot at Valdichiana Outlet Village – Backstage Chronicle

A short tale of the shoot at Valdichiana Outlet Village for the Festival Cortona On the Move.

Massimo Vitali

Equipment: Gibellini & ALPA

While it is true that the majority of the photographs I take these days are digital, two years ago I had a large format film camera made by Alessandro Gibellini of Gibellini Project, just in case I feel the need to shoot film again.


Equipment: Deardorff Camera

This is the first in a series of posts about my old and new equipment: cameras, lenses, light meters, platforms... Some of them are not currently in use, but I don’t want to sell them because they have sentimental value. All the equipment finds its place in my studio, in the so-called "gabbia", the "cage" where the negatives are kept sometime together with rogue assistants.


Printing Day – Backstage Chronicle

A day printing at Colorzenith in Milan with my studio assistants. Chronicle from the ordinary life of a photographer.


A Day All Together

"I’m an educator focusing on social projects. I work with immigrants requesting political asylum and we came with them to enjoy a day together."
– Alessio Trillini

Alessandro Baratti