Clear, sweet warm water

Bagni San Filippo's backstage chronicle. A stream in the woods for social animals.

Last weekend we went to Bagni San Filippo to take some photos of the people in the natural thermal pools.
Bagni San Filippo is a small village of the Val D’Orcia in southern Tuscany.
Fosso Bianco is a stream in the woods at the confluence of several hot springs in a series of pools where where you can swim all the year long and enjoy the special limestone formations that for their shapes have inspired the evocative such names as ‘the white whale’ or ‘the glacier’.

Already known to the Romans, Bagni San Filippo is located in an area of great scenic and natural beauty. The bathrooms were renovated in 1566 for Cosimo I de Medici. They were frequented by other famous people in the family de Medici, like Lorenzo the Magnificent, who went there in 1485, and the Grand Duke Ferdinand II, who attempted in 1635 to get rid of a persistent headache.

Clear, sweet fresh water
where she, the only one who seemed
woman to me, rested her beautiful limbs:
gentle branch where it pleased her
(with sighs, I remember it)
to make a pillar for her lovely flank:
grass and flowers which her dress
lightly covered,
as it did the angelic breast:
serene, and sacred air,
where Love pierced my heart with eyes of beauty:
listen together
to my last sad words. […]

— Francesco Petrarch, The Canzoniere, Poem 126, 1340 – 1341, translated by A.S.Kline.

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