The dance, the party, the crowd of clubbers and ravers, the moving silhouettes of the dancers, their moments of escape or ecstasy, their bodies taken by desire or exhaustion: the subject has continued to fascinate photographers from the golden age of the first Love Parade in Berlin from the 90’s, seen by Alfred Steffen, to the Muscovites raves from 2010, witnessed by Sasha Mademuaselle’s images.

Over the decades, this practice became almost an artistic form in itself, with photographers like Wolfgang Tillmans who were never just witnesses, rather actively taking part in the phenomenon that they documented.

Each photo from the exhibition Electro is a precious document of the customs and the traditions, the codes, the clothes or the attitudes of different generations that passed over the dance floors over the course of the past 30 years: the club Duplé in Tuscany in the 90s, photographed by Massimo Vitali, the Parisian transgender nights shot by Jacob Christ or the candy ravers from contemporary California, that are represented by Roger Kisby.

Each photographed tribe has its own look, references and music, but they also share common hopes, or utopias; a desire for community, for a generational unity, for a transcendency through sound and dance.

Electro. De Kraftwerk à Daft Punk, catalog of the exhibition at the Philarmonie de Paris - 9 avril | 11 août 2019 -, Editions Textuel, Paris, 2019.