Some weeks ago I received the mail below from a young Chinese artist. I was impressed by the way my work touched him and by his imagination.


Dear Mr. Massimo Vitali,

I am a young Chinese emerging artist. I was born in the north of China in 1985. Currently I am working and living in Beijing. I mostly focus in the creation of oil painting and experimental art. Once day, I saw your work in a magazine and I was deeply touched and with a strong feeling that can’t be expressed in words, and this feeling has encouraged me to understand more and deeper about your artwork.

Everyone has different ideas of interpreting artwork. According to my first glance to your “Beach” Series, I see a brief day-to-day life on the surface, I also see your intention to observe more about the relations between human and their living surroundings through the eyes of one outsider. From your own interpretation of one piece of your artwork by mentioning “They are washing off their sin, the inspiration to create this piece came from one fresco about life and death in the Pisa cemetery.” It helps me to understand deeper about your artwork – they are not only about the visuals, but also about your rich cultural background and life philosophies behind. It’s not hard for me to understand as a Chinese, since we have certain similarities to explain about life and death through myths, philosophies and Buddhism wisdom. Ever since then, I am feeling a magic inspiration by reviewing your art and it is leading me to a completely new creation of my own art. Therefore, I am delighted and grateful to share my ideas with you for this magic inspiration that I got from your artwork.

As an extension of recreation to your photograph (please see the following image), which greatly inspired me, I would like to represent the significance of myths or religions in today’s real life. I am going to specify the elements appeared in this photograph. For instance, I will take out some of the characters from your work and will distinguish them with various virtual social labels and characters, different job professions in a social environment. Therefore, each of them stands for one social class and creates a narrative scene connecting from one to another. These connections are rather absurd, however they structure a society as it is in real life. In addition, these characters from your photography are unknow strangers, foreigners to me, it gives me more space to imagine and to discover as an unknown group of people. Please keep me posted if you have any better ideas in terms of my representation based and inspired by this photograph.

Cefalù Orange, Yellow, Blue, 2008.

After reviewing this above photograph of yours, I have the intention to represent it through oil painting as I said in the above paragraphs. I learnt from the internet with a brief introduction about this piece, explaining that you’ve started the “Beaches” series since1995, describing Italian’s common neat and self-satisfied way of living. You intend to reveal a “disguised, sex orientated, commercialized leisure activities, the mass are confused and are lost by the richness of material, however, they are rigid and conservative.” I am so surprised that I got the same insights as yours and it thus sparks off my idea of representation through another art form. Here following are some of my initial ideas of the representation in oil painting:
1. I will name this painting as “Communication”, focusing on the connection and communication between people through featuring individual characters.
2. I would like to reaffirm this oil painting is an extension to your original photograph in a different art language as a recreation piece under your agreement and authorization.

Meanwhile, my recreation of this oil painting will emphasize on interpersonal relationship, including the communication between you and me, therefore I will make a literature record of some of our key discussions as one of the fundamental parts of my recreation in oil, to fully embody the theme of “communication” and plan to finally expose some of our key points of our communication and maybe other related information to the viewers.

In more details, I will extend the key word “communication” to feature some objects relating to the characters. For instance, the ball, the swimsuit and other personal objects, etc.

Virtual characters:

In addition, I will use different time points of the day or different weather to represent the same scene. Such as, Sunny Day, Evening, Night or old black-and-white photography.

Thank you very much for your time to read such a long text. I sincerely hope we can discuss further for more details if you are interested in my ideas.
I am looking forward to your reply!

Sincerely Yours,
LV Zhe