While it is true that the majority of the photographs I take these days are digital, two years ago I had a large format film camera made by Alessandro Gibellini of Gibellini Project, just in case I feel the need to shoot film again.

It is a modern classic reinvented to my specifications, made of aluminium and various forms of carbon fiber and pressed powder.

“My passion for the photographic world began a few years ago, in December 2012, when my father gave me his first analogic reflex Pentax K1000 for my birthday. Since that moment I gave up completely on the digital and I got totally involved in the analogic world, soon after I passed directly from 35mm to 120mm, but this wasn’t enough to me, I wanted something bigger, and so I moved to the Large Format. Large Format cameras were too expensive and, as I was a beginner, I decided to make one for me, very rudimentary, but working. After perfecting the model thanks to a number of photographers from all over the world I came to design my latest foldings.

The New Company “Gibellini Projects & Co. SRL” produce professional Large Format cameras from 4×5’’ to 16×20’’, entirely CNCed with 5 axis machine from unibody aluminum. The bellows are entirely handmade, letting the client choose colour and extension.”

— Alessandro Gibellini