As all of Vogue’s global editions unite around the theme of hope, 26 editors-in-chiefs share an image from their new print issue and tell us why it gives them hope for the future.

Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief Emanuele Farneti chose an image by Massimo Vitali, “Capannina Bianca June 2nd (2020)”. “This picture was taken at Marina di Massa in Tuscany, on June 2nd (an Italian national holiday – Republic Day, ”Festa della Repubblica”). Italy, with it’s 7.500 km (4,660 mi) coastline, seems to be the perfect place to be when the summer blossoms and the sun is warm. This year, though, it wasn’t business as usual: the country was just timidly opening up after three months of lockdown, pain and uncertainty. As people started to slowly go back to their habits, populating the beaches although maintaining social distancing, we can already catch a glimpse of the carefree, happy attitude that has always characterized the Italian way of life.

Massimo Vitali’s entire work spurs from a deep curiosity and empathy for people, materialized in his large-scale panoramas portraying moments of freedom, joy and leisure, mostly in crowded Mediterranean beaches. As Massimo recounts, “Capannina Bianca is not an easy picture but if you spend some time with it, looking at the details, the way you should with every photo, you fall in love with it.” Details of HOPE can be found throughout the whole landscape captured by the lens of Vitali: for instance the two teens in the middle left were he’s leaning over to kiss her, and the family wading across the water with the father carrying the baby.”

* Published in 19 languages and appearing throughout August and September, the 26 global editions of Vogue all celebrate hope with an aim to unite millions of readers worldwide with a positive vision of the future. Featuring letters of hope from celebrities, designers, models, public figures, and activists, thought-provoking fashion, and insightful essays on diversity and inclusion, the climate crisis, LGBTQ+ rights and more—each Vogue will aim its unique lens on the biggest issues facing us today, in a testament to the power of photography, artistry, and reportage.

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