Twenty-three years ago I began my beach series following Berlusconi’s election because I wanted to look Italians in the face. What has changed? I wanted to revisit this conversation which started in Versilia at the end of the 90s, in a complex moment of political uncertainty. The Jova Beach Party (a large concert on the beach by Italian singer/songwriter Jovanotti which played at 16 locations in Italy this summer) on August 31st, 2019 in Viareggio seemed to me to be a good moment to immortalise the Italian public, in a moment of celebration, on the beach, in their swim suits, defenceless, nearly naked.

Pending the final selection of photos I took that day with my Alpa camera, I wanted to share some of the backstage images. A long, hot, and challenging day, with many people watching us and asking us what it was we were doing.
A ladder, a tripod, three suitcases of equipment, a computer, a cooler, three shooting points, and 216 photos taken.

As the famous Italian song says, “stessa spiaggia, stessa mare” – same beach, same sea.

Shooting from the main stage

On the sandbags, between the crowd and the sea

Martini Terrace, we are the VIP

Contiki Stage, in the middle of an ocean of people

The walk of fame to Jovanotti