I discovered last week that some of my photographs are on sale on Artsper through the Galerie Nicolas Hugo. It happens, the secondary market is very large and it is not easy to monitor all my works around the world.

The problem is that there are some photographs on Artsper that I have never produced in the dimensions they are sold. In fact, all of them have the same dimensions – 70×90 cm – and almost the same prices – 1300 or 1600 euros.

But, Dune du Pyla has only been printed in a 40×25 cm format with diasec mount, unframed, and I usually give it for charity auctions, not for sale.

Sarakiniko Due and Lençois Lagoa Da Peixe are 233 x 186 cm with diasec mount with wooden frame. They have never been printed in 70×90 cm, which are the dimensions of the pages of my portfolio edited by Steidl in 2006. It has already happened that some people bought and resold pages of my portfolio without my consent, but they were never intended to be separated from the rest of the edition.

Finally, Mondello Paddle Boats has only been printed in 120×92 cm with diasec mount and wooden frame.

The stamp behind the offset prints is in no way a certificate of authenticity as a picture but only as a page of the book/portfolio.

A Portfolio of Landscapes with Figures, 2006
52 Offset prints on 300g Consort Royale paper
27.5 x 35.25 in (69.85 x 89.54 cm)
Edition of 120
20 AP


Perhaps the content management of Artsper made a mistake with the dimensions and the prices… We’ve been trying to get in contact with them for the past week, but they don’t answer.
And what about Nicolas Hugo? This young gallerist seems to have disappeared and with him his gallery in Paris.

We would be happy to talk with someone in order to fix the problem. Any tips?