When I have to publish a new book with Steidl, it is always very stressful for me. I can wait for months to be contacted by Gerhard and then everything happens very quickly.

Last week I went to Gottingen, at Steidlville, for the second time since the beginning of 2019. I stayed there four days and spent my time in the offices and the laboratory checking the prints and the graphic of the book. Seeing the final proof is always very exciting and I am very happy with “Short Stories”, which will be presented for my exhibition at Mazzoleni Gallery in London on April 11th.

It is the result of a long story of editing, but also a kind of resumé of my career, made up of photographs that are symbolic and special to me.

I am also working on another book that will include works from 2009 till today, so my trips to Steidlville will continue and I am really happy to collaborate with such a great team. I am given complete freedom concerning the choice of the photographs, and I think that this is very rare and precious for an artist.