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Starting from 2024, a series of never before editioned photos, carefully selected from Massimo Vitali’s Archive of film negatives is now available in a new edition format to celebrate 30 years of the photographer’s work.

In 1994 Vitali took his first beach photograph in Marina di Pietrasanta, a departure from his older work to a new way of photographing and observing people. The 30th anniversary of the work has thus become a good opportunity to look back at the transformative journey, evolution and collective changes in our society over these past decades.

On this occasion, Vitali is set to release his fourth book with the renowned German publishing house Steidl by the end of summer 2024. The upcoming publication will include a selection of photographs captured from 2019 to 2023, seamlessly completing the series of books that chronicle his photographic work from 1994 (learn more about the new book project here).

Additionally, in 2024 Vitali’s studio embarked on the project of the digitization of the entire archive of film negatives that will soon be available online for everyone, thanks to a special grant funded by the European Union (learn more about the archive project here).

In this process of reviewing the entire body of work, a group of photographs that had never been presented in a large format before have been selected. This set of photos is now available in a special print size at a special price:

  • 11 pictures 120×150 cm (approx. 47×59”) + frame  | edition of 12 + 2 APs
  • 2 panoramic pictures 100×230 cm (approx. 39×90”) + frame | edition of 12 + 2 APs

11 pictures 120x150 cm | edition of 12 + 2 APS
2 panoramic pictures  100x230cm | edition of 12 + 2 APS

All other editions are still available in the classic formats, within the edition of 6 + 2 APs.  For information visit the edition section.

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