The artist puts himself at a safe distance, he observes everyday life with its natural rhythms, then takes long-range panoramic photographs, as if to capture the greatest possible number of elements in the same image. He acts like an epic Western director, observing the natural strength of the landscape, the impact of sky that seem to be moving, the vanishing point towards distant horizons. His beaches images freeze life in the hottest hours, discos reveal themselves at night, the ski slopes appear full of skiers, the cities of art full of sweating tourists, the public parks full of people having fun. A story within life through large-format works, sometimes structured by diptychs or triptychs, in order to evoke the enveloping sensations of a screen onto reality. Photography becomes an ideal cinemascope which enlarges the scale and plays with pictorial landscape painting … In an era dominated by social distancing, Massimo Vitali’s message brings us back to the liberating energies of humanity, to our attitude towards exchange, to a promise of future where we can regain ourselves through shared experience

Leporello 2020. No Country for Old Men | May 6 - September 21, 2021 | Visionarea Art Space, Piazza Pia, 1 - Rome. Click here for more info.