I don’t care too much about the light and the weather. Of course, you have to have a fairly good day in the sense that you want people to be there. If there aren’t enough people, there are less stories, less things going on.
I really like to get to the place and see if there is a difference between what I’ve been digitally scouting and what the reality is. I try to get there early and leave early. There is a peak of interest around 1.30pm or something, and then by 4.35pm it’s gone. Whatever happens, it’s gone.
So I have to make do with what a photographer would call the worst light you can have. This vertical light. But this also gives me smaller shadows which I quite like. The later you go in the day, the less tension you have between the people, and the longer shadows you have.

[…] I’m not sure if I’m a total voyeur, but I’m very interested in other people. Sometimes my wife says that I look people up and down in an insulting way, but it’s only because I’m interested. I can’t help it. She thinks I’m rude or judgemental, but I don’t only look at beautiful girls or men with beards or muscle boys, no.
On a few occasions we have actually interviewed people. I asked my friend, a journalist and while I was taking pictures, he would ask people things. In a way, it’s to make my thoughts more real. Sometimes, people need an explanation. They can’t just look and imagine…

Alex Kahl, "Massimo Vitali: I give importance to something that is not important at all" in wepresent, January 22, 2019.