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Many people think they understand what a photograph is, what they’re talking about, but really they don’t know – they just have a vague sensation.  We need to be more specific and make people understand that photography is also our own society, the connections between us, things which people tend to forget.

Perhaps it’s far more interesting today to look back and see how we were in 1995.  Which is a key to reading my photographs.  Not the only one.  We need to see the passage of time.  An anthropologic vision.

I choose a moment, perhaps precisely because it’s not the right one.  I choose it because I see certain situations; there is always a moment when something is about to happen and I can feel that there is a convergence of events, though it is a convergence only for me from my viewpoint as I am watching.  But on the other hand, the photographs are made up of so many different elements that it’s always difficult to make a decision.

Street photography has always been focused on searching for something relevant in normal situations.  On the other hand I‘m not looking for anything relevant, but I do invent some beautiful stories.  Irrelevant.