Space is “a tridimensional extension without any limits in which objects and events have directions and relative positions to one another”. In addition to a dictionary definition, space is also that of landscapes, horizons, of the line that divides the sky from the sea. Space is also the urban one, projected or otherwise, where citizens move by foot or vehicle. Space in photography is also the background, something that we can control in order to put focus on the subject without interference, but it can also be the subject of the image, animated by human presences or not.

Space is the one that Massimo Vitali began to measure in 1995 when […] he started to observe the world from the height of his scaffolding. It is the “Prince’s point of view” as he describes it, a vantage point from which he started to photograph Italian beaches, expanded views in which the use of large format cameras allows for the recording of the crowd and retrospectively creates a sort of survey of the behaviour of seaside tourism. […] Over the years, it is his vision, his capacity to read the space that remains, independently from the subjects that may change […] while always maintaining their narrative power.

Giovanna Calvenzi, "Spazio e Fotografia" in Lo spazio, Corriere della Sera, 2018.