Platform n. 3

Last week in Rosignano Solvay we spent a long day at the beach, working on a special commission. On this occasion we also set up the latest version of my scaffolding. Here's a sneak peak of the backstage.

This is the third version of my platform. The latest and definitive version of the platform is very comfortable to work from, very stable and easy to move because of its rigid structure and lightness (approximately 60 kg).

The design comes from sailboat’s rigging and was conceived with a friend and longtime sailor and boat captain Giuliano Tofani. Everything is made in carbon fibre (platform and tubes) and pulled together by sailing-like tyrants in kevlar that give absolute rigidity with minimal weight. The construction was done by a surfboard maker, Blade by Spadoni from Bicchio, Viareggio.

We normally use it a couple of time a year, when we have long sessions on top (almost 5 meters). Those photos and videos were taken last week in Rosignano Solvay, during a shooting for a special commission.

Photos by Flora del Debbio.

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