How did your relationship with the beach begin?
Ever since i can remember, my summers were spent as follows: June and July at the beach, August in the mountains, and before going back to school visiting relatives somewhere in the countryside. Obviously, every year when it came time to leave the beach for the mountains, I was was very upset. For me vacation was the beach, the sea, the people that I would meet on the beach, and the endless afternoons spent playing football or marbles.
Even now, when i think about those summers, I cannot help feeling a glow in my heart. Unfortunately this was confined to the beginning of the hot August days. And the water: every time I got out of the water I had to change out of my woolen swimming trunks which I hated because I had to do it in the middle of the beach with no privacy, and so my idea was to stay in the water as much as I could, literally hours until the skin of my hands became wrinkled as raisins.
Then at the end of high school, I somehow lost contact with this sort of routine and during my studies in England and my traveling around I never thought about beaches until my first son was born and he had to spend summers on the beach. And so i started going not far from where I live now (Lucca), at Poveromo where I started another long series of summers with kids, friends, games and long nights. The trip from Milan took more than six hours and cars sometimes broke down along the way.

Are you the kind of person who swims even in December?
Not really, but November yes.

Stessa spiaggia stesso mare? Same beach, same sea?
Ever since my childhood, I’ve continued going to the same part of the Tuscan coast. For no reason at all. Not because it is particularly beautiful, not because the water is very clean, but because somehow you belong to the place. And when you stay at the water and you look back at the coast trying to purge your sins, it has been an ideal place to be over the last 65 years.
That said, if you ask me if I like holidays or spending time in some exotic place, I will say absolutely not. There’s nothing more boring than a “perfect” tropical beach and even now I try to stay away from them.

In conversation with my Blog Editor, May 8, 2018.