I am very happy to share with you the backstage chronicle of the shooting I did for Vogue Italia on the Rosignano Solvay Beach. My iconic place.

Water is the symbol par excellence of regeneration, redemption, and a return to life.
I have never been a fashion photographer, and I confess that I initially had some perplexities when asked to shoot for Vogue Italia. Then, as the days went by, the idea of taking fashion photos in my style for the first time in my career started to resemble a challenge.

“We asked Massimo Vitali to shoot this cover at dawn in the Tuscan beach of Rosignano Solvay, where, in the mid-nineties, he took his first monumental images. We wanted to imagine how such an iconic documentation of everyday life could transform itself in a fashion context, playing with the fine line between reality and fiction that contraddisguish our industry.” – Emanuele Farneti and Ferdinando Verderi, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Vogue Italia.

Photos & Video by Flora Del Debbio, Vitali Studio.

Full Credits:
All clothes by Prada
Editor-in-Chief: Emanuele Farneti
Creative Director: Ferdinando Verderi
Casting Directors: pg_dmcasting & Samuel Ellis
Street casting: CastingFirenze
Hair: Alessandro Rebecchi using Mr Smith Hair
MakeUp: Miriam Langellotti using YSL Beauty
On set Luigi Filotico, Caminante Films