I just come back from a work-holiday in the South of Italy with my family. I drove to Napoli and then went through Calabria and Basilicata before ending up in Puglia. I went back to the river Chidro, which I really like and photographed last year as welled, and discover an amazing place: the river Tara.
Here, some backstage pictures and videos taken with my iPhone, and two crops from two photos I took there with my Alpa Camera. Stay tuned for the final outputs from this vacation!

Tara is the name of a small river near the city of Taranto, extending for about 2 km just by the largest steel plant in Europe: the ILVA. In an area marked by heavy pollution, wild and abusive human activity, presence of military installations and refineries, this short watercourse is an overlook derangement. A vision – immediate and extraordinary – stressing the bitter opposition between the great cancer of the industries and this small green and blue oasis.
However, lush vegetation, bright colors, wildlife and a river with abundant capacity are only one part of the enchantment of this place. The charm of the Tara river lies in a further, unexpected aspect: the one concerning faith.

TARA, il fiume dei miracoli a book by the DAV Collective (Dalila Ditroilo, Antonio Maria Fantetti, Vito Bellino)