In VW Lernpark (2001) is the “working world” of adults, represented by the impotent Volkswagen automobile factory, turned upside down it becomes a playground for children, an authentic parody infantile fun transformed in the practical form of street safety education which is really the use of vehicles and respect for the rules produced by adults. In the consumer society individuals are instructed according to the well-known concept of the ancient Latins that preferred it to that of work which was expressed as a negation of this term nec otium. Even “free time” is “spent”, filled in such a way that imposes attitudes on individuals that are similar to those used in their “occupied time”. The consumers of free time portrayed by Vitali denounce a dialectic relationship between social or individuals’ needs, and real needs, between the “quality of life” and the “quantity of consumption.”

From the concept of Post Human, tied to the diffusion of plastic surgery and the experiments to clone human beings and the advent of the Reality Show, where the mutable, or downright inconstant, ego tiers to affirm itself in the global world, that is to be without the free will as sustained by Schopenhauer but through the illusionary image of one’s self, Vitali’s photography approaches the principal human speculations that cross over from the XX to the XXI century. The individuals that he portrays cannot perhaps be consider “replicants”, multiplied and manipulated artificially to all be slaves to free time, and yet constantly searching for an answer to the question: “who am I really?” And doesn’t his photography reproduce not only a “reality” of happy illusion, that of the momentary liberation from work and the everyday worries to dedicate one’s self to the deceit of appearing, in as much unique beings in the multitude of similar beings?

Stefano Pezzato, "Massimo Vitali and the meter of the world" in Massimo Vitali Photographer, catalogue of the exhibition “Massimo Vitali” at the Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci - Prato, July 2nd - October 3rd, 2004.