It’s a studio ritual. When I have to print a photo for a gallery or a collector, we go to Milan to Colorzenith where Francesco Grandati waits for me with the right Kodak paper inside the lightjet printer.

Andrea, my colourist, usually comes with me in the car, but sometimes we have other guests too like Filippo Brancoli Pantera and Valerio Spada. Sometimes, it is an occasion to meet friends in Milan and I often bring my interns along too. Suddenly, a work appointment becomes an adventure.

When the print is ready, Francesco unrolls it on a metal panel, attaching it with magnets. As he unrolls, we discover the print little by little as when it comes out of the printer. Of course, when the picture is new, it is much more thrilling…

Andrea spends some time analysing the color, as if he wants to jump inside the picture. He is extremely precise.

Coming back home, we always stop at KM90 in Fidenza, the heaven of food from Emilia Romagna. Conviviality is something I defend at work – the best conversation happens over good food. People who eat together stick together.

Massimo Vitali, December 13, 2017.