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On August 11, 2017, I received an email that began as follows:

Good morning,
I’ll go straight to the point, the 18th of August is my birthday… Would you gift me one of your artworks? Even a microscopical one would be great…
Ok, once the astonishment wears off… Why should you do it?! It is quite an absurd request.

You could do it because:

    • banally until now nobody has asked you?
    • I find you work witty and I would like to enjoy it every day
    • a good action is good for the spirit
    • as an office worker I will never be able to afford one of your works
    • art belongs to everybody and it is not fair that only a few select/lucky people can enjoy it…

There could be lots of reasons to do it and even more not to, but in the end… You could just do it because in the end, with this foolish mail, I hope that I’ve made you smile.

Thank you for your attention, at least I tried.


Buon giorno,
vado subito al sodo, il 18 agosto è il mio compleanno… Mi regala una tua opera? Anche microscopica va benissimo….
Ok passato lo sconcerto… Perché in fondo dovresti farlo?! Abbastanza assurda come richiesta.

Potresti farlo forse perché:

  • banalmente finora nessuno te lo ha mai chiesto?
  • trovo il tuo lavoro arguto e vorrei poterne godere della vista tutti i giorni
  • una buona azione allieta lo spirito
  • come impiegato non potrò mai permettermi un tuo lavoro
  • l’arte è di tutti e non è giusto che solo pochi eletti/fortunati possano goderne…

Ci potrebbero essere mille ragioni per farlo e di più per non farlo, ma alla fine dei conti… potresti semplicemente farlo solo perché in fondo con questa mia folle mail spero di averti strappato un sorriso.

Grazie comunque per l’attenzione, io ci ho provato almeno.


And after two years I got an email from Alberto saying that he went to visit Dune du Pylat for his birthday with a special guest…
Alberto’s hope to make me smile surely came true when I saw these photos.

Although I never give away photographs other than for charitable causes, I really appreciated the honesty and spontaneity of Alberto and so I decided to send him a small copy of Dune du Pylat. He was super happy and once he got the photo, he sent me this picture of him.