I spent a few days in Abruzzo with my family, before heading to Puglia to visit some friends and take some photos. I really fell in love with the nature of this lesser-known region of Italy, and in particular with the river Tirino.

It is a small river (less than 30 km long), located just below the Gran Sasso Peak, inside the great Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga National Park. Its waters are incredibly clean and clear.

Then in Puglia, I was hosted at Castello di Ugento, an amazing castle in the very south of the region. I visited Foil, a project space by my friend and producer Luigi Filotico, that will open in 2021. Thanks to him, I discovered another river, the Chidro, in Manduria, where I took some photos that I hope to show you soon.

Finally, coming back home, I stopped in Bari to say hello to my old intern and now friend Domingo Milella. Driving from Lucca to Ugento, I had many unexpected surprises that will bring me back to the heel of the boot soon.