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This year the artworks I planned to show in the stand of Edwynn Houk Gallery won’t be at ArtBasel Miami. They are somewhere in the States, in their wooden boxes weighing 243 kg (535 pounds).
This is the story of a journey that we don’t know when or how it will end, as the tracking systems of Lufthansa Cargo are definitely not working. My Instagram followers already know the story.
I’m really sorry, in particular not to show my photo taken in Monterosso, Cinque Terre, last summer and never seen before.
I remember the first time my work was at the fair in Miami in 2002, it was also the first edition of ArtBasel there. I shot at the Sagamore Hotel and created a diptych which I like very much. But I also shot other images that I share here as I took them, without any postproduction.

The #1648 is the right side of the Miami Diptych, 2002. The other ones are not chosen and never seen photos.

This is Monterosso, hopefully you will see it someday soon.

Monterosso Photo Session, 2021.