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Last month I was in Turin to shoot the ravers of FuturFestival. Here is a peek of the pictures we have selected so far.

“We tried to take different photos from what we did 5 years ago, looking for more unusual viewpoints.”

FuturFestival is an electronic music festival held annually at Parco Dora, a former industrial area converted into a park and space for events. This was my second time there, as I had already been invited to the festival 5 years ago. You can have a look at some of the photos taken in the 2018 edition here – two of them were selected and printed in my usual large format and you may have seen them in some of my latest exhibitions.

I was invited again this year to take some pictures, along with other photographers and friends such as Settimio Benedusi and Stefano Beggiato, on behalf of Oliviero Toscani.
It was a really intense weekend, with 5 different stages, crazy music thumping in our ears, and an interesting multitude of young eccentric ravers to observe.
We tried to take different photos from what we did 5 years ago, looking for more unusual viewpoints. Instead of framing the main stage, sometimes we turned to the sides, away from the spotlight, where people are more free to move and express themselves. For example, there is one photo I really like with a green corner covered with vegetation that creates a kind of intimacy in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the concert.
We also took some darker photos, something we could not do in 2018 – in fact, we now use an upgraded version of my Phase One digital back 1 – which allows us to get more detail when shooting in low light. For example, one photo I’m very pleased with is the one of the main stage audience during the Swedish House Mafia concert holding up a bunch of cell phones, creating a striking contrast with the dark background. It is a bit unusual for me, but still interesting.

I recently posted a short backstage video of the shoot on my Instagram. Have a look at it here.

1. We now use a IQ4 150Mpx Phase One digital back. To know more about the evolution of my equipment see this blog post.

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