Dear Collector,
We are very happy that you haven chosen a diasec print by Massimo Vitali for your collection.
With this we are sending you the signed sticker which you can either affix at the back of the work or keep in your files. As we want you to have continuous satisfaction with your acquisition please take notice of the following facts:
The photograph and the diasec mounting are made to last a lifetime using the newest and most durable photographic and acrylic materials. Every photograph before it comes to your house is carefully controlled and then packed under supervision from the printer, and the artist. The work is then insured till it arrives at your house.

Please read carefully
Every work on paper, drawing, watercolor and photo alike hates direct sun, if you hang the work where direct sunlight touches the surface, it will slowly begin to loose brilliance and color. Every work on paper, drawing, watercolor and photo alike hates heat; so do not hang near radiators or other sources of heat or hot air. Before you either hang or take down a work you should make sure you have a soft bubble plastic or something like a cushion on the floor to prevent corners and edges damages. Follow these few rules and you should be able to enjoy your photograph in the best shape easily for more than a lifetime.

Our guarantee nonetheless makes your acquisition safer than the acquisition of any other work of art.
Should through your fault or through the fault of third parties or natural causes your work be irreparably damaged we will replace it with a new print. Your cost being only the production and shipment from the laboratory to your residence.

What we need is absolute proof of the destruction of the original print (a photographic proof accompanied by a small piece of the center of the picture) or the returning of the entire damaged print, whichever is more convenient for you. Therefore we suggest to keep the sticker with your papers, so you do not have to remove it from the damaged work.