Platform #3 – Special Maintenance

Today we take you to the workshop where the latest version of my platform was crafted – a unique place specialized in making surfboards in Bicchio, just outside Viareggio.

To shoot from my usual perspective, I need a platform that allows me to reach a certain height. Over the years, I tested a couple of versions until we arrived to the final setup, which is both lightweight and stable.
The final design was conceived by a friend engineer Giuliano Tofani and crafted by a guy named “Spadoni” in his surfboards workshop “Blade” in Bicchio, at the outskirts of Viareggio.

A couple of weeks ago we took the platform back to this surfboard place for special maintenance. We fixed and adjusted some elements to get ready for the summer shoots and ensure that everything works smoothly.

 Filmed and edited by Flora Del Debbio

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