Lima Dog

Dive into Lima Dog – one of the pictures I took in 2017 along the Lima river, nestled in the Pistoia Apennines. The photograph is now on view at Oasi Dynamo as part of my solo show “La Grande Oasi. The way we live, now”.

Lima Dog is a picture I took along the Lima River, an area bordering the future extension of the natural reserve Oasi Dynamo, in the Pistoia Apennine Mountains.
This recently produced picture is on display for the first time as part of my solo show La Grande Oasi. The way we live, now – which will be up until November 5th inside Oasi Dynamo.
The show creates a dialogue between two series of images: a group of pictures taken in the last 28 years along European beaches, printed and framed in our usual format – and a series of newly commissioned shots specially taken last spring inside Oasi Dynamo printed on large canvases.
Lima dog – which was taken in the summer of 2017 – occupies the center of the central nave of the exhibition space, somehow representing a transition between the “traditional” pictures and the new series of works.

Lima Dog, 2017 – On view as part of La Grande Oasi. The way we live, now at OCA Oasy Contemporary Art (Pistoia, IT) through November 5th.

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