Photography in the age of AI

Here is last Tuesday’s conversation with Matteo Balduzzi – curator of MUFOCO. The talk was held at the Mazzoleni Gallery in Turin and was part of ‘Waiting for The Phair’: a series of events leading up to the Turin photography fair 'The Phair Photo Art Fair'.

It was really nice to share some thoughts with Matteo Balduzzi, we talked about the future of photography, the relationship with Artificial Intelligence, and my recent idea to collect all my photographic work of the last 28 years in an online archive open to everyone. A somewhat ambitious project, I admit it, something no photographer has the courage to do… But I hope it will offer a glimpse into how we are and have been at a precise moment of history, giving everyone the possibility to draw their own conclusions…

Here is the full streaming of the event. I’m sorry – only for Italian speakers!

Artists Talk – Fotografia al tempo dell’intelligenza artificiale, Mazzoleni Gallery, March 28th, 2023.
Cover photo by Emanuele Pensavalle.

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